Leading Research in Northland’s Pastoral Sector.

Future Farming Strategies Trial now begun

4 years 2021 – 2025

Alternative Pastures Farmlet

Low Emissions Farmlet

compared with current PKE System 3-4 farm

Profit, mgmt difficulty and resilience measured:

Future Farming Systems Trial Outline

About NDDT

Northland Dairy Development Trust was formed in 2006 to support farmers in securing quality dairy research relevant to Northland. The Trust was a joint initiative between NARF and Fonterra. Trustees are appointed by NARF and Fonterra with an independent chairman. They contract a science manager and trust coordinator on a part time basis to ensure their objectives are met.

The Trust acknowledges the support of their key partners in both supporting the Trust operations and funding the individual projects. The Trust would not exist without this support.

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